Saturday, August 23, 2008

Crisis averted

On the last episode of Devin's blog: The guys found themselves in limbo after being kicked out of their home by El Landlordo, the unpleasant and dislikable villain of our story. Would they find a new place to live? Would they survive in the harsh Logan summer? Would Will find love at last?

And now, the exciting conclusion:

We narrowly averted homelessness. Whew.

As the days passed and the date we were supposed to be out of the house approached, our devotion to finding a new place intensified. And as our search intensified, so did my dislike for the landlord.

He gave us 30 days to find a new place, which is all well and good, until you consider that he sent someone over to look at the house back in May. He knew at least two months before he told us that he was going to put us out, yet he waited until exactly July 1 to call and let us know that we had exactly until Aug. 1 to be out.

I could go on about my anger, about how we had to rent a storage unit for our stuff because he wouldn't give us even two more days to get out of the house while we waited for the new one to become available. I could talk about how he said he wouldn't let us stay two more days because people were moving in immediately, and then the house sat vacant for three weeks. I could talk about how the landlord's wife blamed us for leaving stuff in the house that was there when we got there. I could mention that she then bad-mouthed us to the neighbors and the new people moving in. I could talk about how they're giving the new renters a cheaper price then we had. I could mention all of that stuff. And I just did.

Anyway, we found a good place to live, but not before we had to spend several days sleeping at relatives' houses. Luckily, Chris and Randi, who lived right across the street from us, were out of town and we had a key to their apartment.

But we're in now, and I'm officially done complaining.


la fashionista said...

I don't know him, but I don't like El Lordlando. He sounds like a douche.

whattherandi said...

Hazzah for new fully clothed house! I think modest house is a good name for it. Kinda like modest mouse, the band, but not cause its a house that isnt the naked house.... get it?

Lora said...

Mike and I just found your blog and want you to know we're totally fans. You're hilarious! You've become our favorite blog to read! so know that the little people in the country of Texas thank you!