Monday, June 8, 2009

I recently saw this cake at a grocery store bakery:

That's right. It's a cake.

I thought it would probably be a little creepy to have a woman's legs (and everything else from the waist down) sticking into the middle of your birthday cake.

But then I thought maybe they don't use a full doll, so there are no legs sticking into the cake at all. And that brought to mind the following question: Which is worse, to have a tiny woman sticking her legs (and other waist-downeries) into your cake or to have a bisected tiny half-woman hanging out on top of your cake?

It's a question each must answer alone.

And while you're at it, consider this: Is there a way to put birthday candles on this cake without it seeming occult?


Missy * Dale * Dylan* Dawson said...

I think half doll is better than full doll. You wouldn't want to eat cake that has been around the whatnots, and what not.

4 Reale said...

Please tell me you bought this for Jer.

Also, the only way to dissect the Barbie is by taking her legs off. So, even if you did that, the crotchal area would still be in tact. Something to think about.

Randi said...

waist-downeries..... oh you.

K. Diane said...

barbies don't really have fully developed waist-downeries anyway, though-- just a vague suggestion of it. just thought i'd throw that out there. hm, i've said too much now.

Death Row Poetry Project said...

This is nothing. There is an "erotic" bakery in Salt Lake.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that the first thing I thought was, "At least it's not Ken's waist-downeries."

Yep. Probably.