Sunday, June 15, 2008

The right people can make even marching band cool

Editor's note: Going to get slightly sentimental here. Look out.

I just got back from a weekend in my home town hanging out with some of my friends from high school. Most are married, and some have kids and live hundreds of miles away, but we still keep in touch and try to get together whenever we can. Friends I made later in life are sometimes surprised that I keep in touch with people from high school after all these years, which reminds me how rare and important our friendships are.

Talking about how much you hated high school seems to be a popular hobby for many people, but I just can't join in, and it's almost entirely because of the friends I had. During those years, I managed to find something many people don't find until well into adulthood (and some don't find at all): A group of people who cared about me and made me feel important. They helped me see that popularity and other common adolescent gods weren't worth worshiping.

So, to you guys (you know who you are), thanks.

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Allred Gang said...

Dev, that's sweet-- love you too.

Mike and Jessie Hylton said...

I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free. And i'm also proud to be your friend.