Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A thought

It would be cool if doctors sometimes gave patients really poor prognoses for minor ailments just to inspire them and make them feel like a miracle had happened.

A guy with a minor broken ankle is told he's never going to walk again and spends the next few weeks in a cast feeling sad and trying to plan out how he's going to live without walking. Then, when the cast comes off a few weeks later, he takes a few steps and bursts into tears because he's been miraculously healed. Then he'd spends the rest of his life telling people how he beat the odds to live a normal life. He even names one of his sons after the doctor.

Then again, growing up as a kid named Doctor would probably be pretty hard.


Allred Gang said...

I would rather be named Doctor than, say, Dick. There's a family down the street with the last name of Dick, and everytime I have to say it it makes me feel funny.

Devin Felix said...

Around here, Balls is a fairly common last name.